Well, it may still be in the middle of a summer heat wave, but for high school sports photographers, the end of July brings high school football teams in front of our lenses.

Stone Mountain area 2-AAAAA Stephenson High School

We traditionally start with DeKalb County high school football teams because they like to get their football photos done early so they can begin to get their game programs produced by the start of their seasons. This also means being out there in the really hot weather, but we’re usually ready for it with lots of water and Gatorade, and with our portable trailer-mounted posing risers, we can get in, get the shots lined up, and get out in a couple of hours. Here’s a couple of the team photos we took last week at Stephenson High and Martin Luther King, Jr., High Schools. Stephenson was an afternoon session and MLK was a morning session. I’ll post some more of the individual and breakout group shots once I’ve had a chance to process them.

Lithonia area 2-AAAAA M.L. King High School Varsity

We have a couple more high school sessions next week, then more recreation department Golf, East Hall’s Marching Band, some high school Volleyball, and, oh yes, some more high school senior portrait sessions (you can see those over on our sister site for our downtown Gainesville studio at www.lightbenderphoto.com .