The end of school this year is also seeing some changes at Neil Copeland Photography.  We’re going to refocus our efforts on the things that have worked well for us over the years and spend more time marketing more efficiently.  The biggest thing we’re doing right now is closing our studio in downtown Gainesville.

It’s been really great having a dedicated space set up for doing portraits and special promotions, but, quite honestly, most of our work over the last couple of years has been done on location.  We had thought having a convenient location would be a bigger draw than it actually was.  Parking around the Square has been and will continue to be a major problem for businesses.  People want to park close to work and close to the places where they shop, and the parking decks in downtown Gainesville just haven’t provided the kind of convenience people want.  With the economy still causing problems for many of us in this area, we have to put our money where it will do us the most good, and operating a downtown studio hasn’t proven to be the answer for us.  So come May 31st, Lightbender Studio will be closing its doors off the Square in Gainesville and we will be getting our gear organized for shooting more jobs on location.  Thanks to everyone who has been a client at a portrait or headshot session and to everyone who loved bouncing on Santa’s knee at our Christmas events.  We’ll continue to be around to shoot photos for you and we’ll be more diligent about posting our work online at the blog.