Well, I’ve kinda covered this in the box above, but just to let you know, this is a work-in-progress as I learn to navigate this new type of website.  It is powered by a blog engine with WordPress as the skeleton and ProPhoto3 as the skin.  Meanwhile, I’m figuring out how to populate it with information and photos that will help YOU, my photo clients and potential customers, learn more about Neil Copeland Photography, Inc. and what we can do for you.

I have been in the photography business, in one form or another, since 1973.  I began in Gainesville while in college with a partnership in a part time, home based portrait studio.  After college, I took on freelance assignments on a part time basis while I worked as a supervisor of Audiovisual Services at Georgia Power Company.  Since 1979, I have been a full time professional photographer, operating both portrait and commercial studios in DeKalb County, GA, Atlanta, Lula, and Gainesville, GA.  Since 1985, I have specialized in Team & Individual Sports package photography, servicing the metro Atlanta and Northeast Georgia markets from Conyers to Woodstock to Gainesville.

As mentioned above, this website will concentrate on our Sports T&I and our Event Photography business. We hope that in the days and weeks ahead, you will visit often and see the new things we’ve come up with to show you why you should do business with us instead of our competitors.  We are in the process of expanding our business and this new website is just one of the new things you’ll see in that process.