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    Our primary business concentrates on Team & Individual Youth Sports (T&I) photography for high school and younger athletes, Marching Bands, and other school age oriented organizations during the school season. We also provide Event Photography (with optional onsite printing) for occasions such as Daddy-Daughter Dances, Class and Family Reunions, Corporate parties and similar events. We offer Family Portrait and Wedding photography as well as high school Senior Portraits. With over 30 years experience in these fields, we can provide the products, service, and quality that you want.

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2017 – Getting back in the groove…

Keep your eyes open for changes in the Neil Copeland Photo website. After some time away to concentrate on caretaking for my Mom, we’re ready to get back to business. We’re taking care of some behind-the-scenes upgrades and will be relaunching this site soon to show what Neil Copeland Photography can do for you. Thanks for your patience and your patronage over the years and we appreciate your support during the hiatus while we took care of Mom!

Mothers Day 2013

Had a great time on Mothers Day joining up with the Ken & Gail Beasley family for a brunch at the Achasta Golf Club in Dahlonega.  Good food and fun talking and catching up with my brother Randy’s in-laws and kids.  I put together a little slideshow of the day.  Enjoy!

Professor Wiley Sanderson

I know that I’m a little behind on my posting lately, but I’ve had a lot of irons in the fire and just haven’t taken the time to catch up until now.  I’ll probably be posting almost daily for the next week or so to get caught up again.

Since my last post, I received the sad news that my first mentor and photography teacher, Professor Wiley Sanderson, had passed away at the age of 93.  Professor Sanderson had been head of the Photography department in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Georgia for many years before his retirement.  He became an integral part of my life in the 1970’s when I went to UGA to study and be influenced by him along with countless other students during his tenure there.

Many of those students and colleagues from UGA along with many members of his Beechwood Baptist Church family gathered in Athens, GA with his family for a memorial of this great artist and friend earlier this fall, just as we did three years ago to help him celebrate his 90th birthday.  Here are a couple of photos from his birthday celebration, one of him and another of him surrounded by many of his former students and friends.  I’ve also included a few shots from his memorial service this fall… Beechwood Baptist Church where Professor Sanderson was a member along with his wife, Mary, a shot of the church choir singing one of their beautiful songs (and one of Wiley’s favorites), plus friends and colleagues, Dr. Robert Nix and Mary Ruth Moore delivering eulogies and favorite stories of the man we all loved. Rest in Peace, Professor Sanderson. You will be missed.

Hannah at the Falls…

2012 Johnson High Senior Hannah Hall and I spent a couple of hours in early October at a waterfall in northeast Georgia shooting photos for her Senior photos.  She had been there a few years ago and thought it would make a great location for some really cool shots.  She was right!  I had never been there before but it’s a great spot in the late afternoon.  I had googled the place earlier and seen some photos taken by other photographers, but they didn’t prepare me for what a great location it was.  I posted a couple of teaser shots last week, but now I’m including the slideshow I made from a few of the shots we took.

By the way, fall is here and the color in the leaves won’t be around long, so if you want a photo session for either a Senior or a Family, you’d better call soon.  It’s a good time to be thinking about Christmas and other Holidays now, both for gifts and cards to send out.  Call me at 770 869-0110 or email for more details. Meanwhile, enjoy the show! (You may have to hit pause for just a bit if you have a slow connection).


Fall at the falls…

I had a great Senior portrait session this week up in the North Georgia mountains.  Johnson High Senior Hannah Hall wanted to get some of her photos taken at a waterfall she used to visit when she was younger, so we loaded up the van and headed for the hills above Dahlonega.  Turns out the waterfall we were looking for was pretty close to the road and parking area.  That was a good thing because I strained my knee a little over a week ago and scrambling over boulders wasn’t on my list of favorite things to do.  But the falls turned out to be wonderful and not too crowded in the middle of the week, so we spent a couple of hours having fun getting all kinds of great shots.

I’ve started working on some of the images and wanted to post a couple of teasers here just to show what I’m doing with them.  I’ve also tried to incorporate some of the things I learned at the workshop I attended in Savannah last month.  Hope you like them!