2012 Johnson High Senior Hannah Hall and I spent a couple of hours in early October at a waterfall in northeast Georgia shooting photos for her Senior photos.  She had been there a few years ago and thought it would make a great location for some really cool shots.  She was right!  I had never been there before but it’s a great spot in the late afternoon.  I had googled the place earlier and seen some photos taken by other photographers, but they didn’t prepare me for what a great location it was.  I posted a couple of teaser shots last week, but now I’m including the slideshow I made from a few of the shots we took.

By the way, fall is here and the color in the leaves won’t be around long, so if you want a photo session for either a Senior or a Family, you’d better call soon.  It’s a good time to be thinking about Christmas and other Holidays now, both for gifts and cards to send out.  Call me at 770 869-0110 or email neil@neilcopeland.com for more details. Meanwhile, enjoy the show! (You may have to hit pause for just a bit if you have a slow connection).