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80% Scholarship Rate at Stephenson High

Coach Ron Gartrell (center of photo holding football) and his coaching staff at Stephenson High School in Stone Mountain, Georgia, whose Jaguar Football team photo was featured in this blog in August, has made the news again in Atlanta. Fox5 Atlanta had a feature story today (September 26th) on the high scholarship rate attained by Coach Gartrell’s senior football players. He’s consistently been able to help his athletes get scholarships throughout the years that I’ve been taking the Jaguars’ team photos (since 1997), but in the last two years, 53 out of 66 of his seniors have gotten college scholarships. Here’s a link to the story aired by Fox5 today

This is quite an accomplishment and is testament to the dedication of Coach Gartrell and his coaching staff in providing valuable skills and life lessons to the students they coach. I’m proud of my association with Coach Gartrell and the Stephenson Jaguars and hope the lessons they teach there continue to improve the lives of their students.

High School Football in Stone Mountain

Our crew headed down to the Stone Mountain area on Thursday to shoot Stephenson High School’s Jaguar football teams. Coach Gartrell wanted to get in a good practice before pictures, so we waited until a little later in the evening to get started. Clouds began to gather in the west, but we hung in there and got the shots done just before dark and a little before the rain came again. We had already been rained out a couple of weeks earlier, but the Stephenson teams are a well disciplined bunch and we were able to leave with some good shots in our cameras at the end of the session.

Here’s a shot of the 128 member team with coaches and managers…


Gainesville Parks & Recreation’s Pee Wee Golfers…

… were on the course today at Chattahoochee Golf Club here in Gainesville, GA. Because of the hot weather, we couldn’t get on the greens, but we found a nice spot over next to the #10 tee and grabbed a few shots late in the afternoon. These kids are a lot of fun and it’s nice to see kids being introduced to golf at an early age. I didn’t really adopt it as my sport until my son was in college, but I’ve had a lot of fun (and frustrating) days on some beautiful courses since then.

Gainesville Parks & Rec Pee Wee Golfers

More DeKalb County Football…

As school begins to go into session, we get busy with the sports photos. Last Saturday took us to Decatur, GA to shoot the Red Devils football and Cheerleading teams from Druid Hills High School. Druid Hills is one of our returning clients that we used to shoot and we’re glad to see them come back to us for their photos again. Here are some shots we did Saturday morning for the cover of their game program and a player and a couple of cheerleader sisters. The weather looked a little threatening in the morning, but it cleared up for most of our session and we were able to leave with some good shots that day.

Copeland Family Reunion in Clarkesville, GA…

The Lake and Effie Copeland Family Reunion has come and gone again for another year. We met this year on the campus of North Georgia Technical College, adjacent to the ancestral Copeland farm in Clarkesville, Georgia.

There were over a hundred members of the nine different branches of the family tree represented at this year’s Sunday gathering. In addition, the annual Copeland Best Ball Golf Tournament was held at Apple Mountain Golf Club in Hollywood, Georgia, with the usual pencil putts, lies, and laughter that usually accompanies this event on Saturday, July 30th. On Saturday evening, another contingent of Copelands and kin and friends gather at cousin Mike and Melinda’s house in Gainesville, Georgia, not far from the Civic Center, to partake in a Low Country Boil of shrimp & sausage with potatoes, corn, fresh veggies, and cole slaw… both Yankee and Southern varieties (since we now have Copeland clan members who gather from scattered places around the USA).

It’s all great fun Re-unioning with everyone, catching up on family doings, and getting to spend some quality time with the people we love. But it’s over all to quickly and all we have left are the memories (and some photos) and some new connections we’ve made to help keep the family clans together for another year and more.

Here’s a group photo we got just before we ate lunch. There were a few more who showed up a little late (doesn’t it always happen?) who didn’t get in this year’s group shot, but we’ll have some of them in the collection when we put it up on our new Facebook Copeland Family Reunion site in a few days… Meanwhile, enjoy!

2011 Copeland Family Reunion Group